No Dashii

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The No Dashii poisons their neighbouring Townsfolk.

Character Text

"Each night*, choose a player: they die. Your 2 Townsfolk neighbours are poisoned."

Example Gameplay

At the start of the game, the No Dashii neighbours a Town Crier and a Snake Charmer. They are both poisoned. A few days later, they are both dead, and the closest alive neighbours to the No Dashii are an unpoisoned Clockmaker and an unpoisoned Barber.

Clockwise from the No Dashii sits a Philosopher, a Mathematician, then a Sage. Anticlockwise from the No Dashii sits a Witch, a Mutant, then a Seamstress. The Philosopher and the Seamstress are poisoned.

Tips & Tricks

  • Find out who your neighbouring Townsfolk are. You may be sitting next to Minions, Travellers or Outsiders, so it may not be immediately obvious who you have poisoned.
  • Once you know who your neighbouring Townsfolk are, support them as much as possible. Listen to them. Repeat their arguments to the group. Since they are poisoned, their information is probably false, and spreading their false information will make others look dodgy, particularly when it is not you that revealed the false information originally..
  • At night, don't kill your neighbouring Townsfolk. Since they are poisoned, the longer they stay alive, and the shorter that unpoisoned Townsfolk live, the more misinformation will be in the game, and the more chance you have of winning.
  • Kill your neighbours, if people begin to think that a No Dashii is in play. Doing this makes it look like someone else is the No Dashii, or at least it makes it look like you are a different Demon than the No Dashii.
  • If all evil players are spreading false information, then it can sometimes look like a Vortox is in play. Making the argument that the Demon is actually the Vortox makes the remaining good players mistrust their own information, and makes you look good.

Fighting the No Dashii

  • The No Dashii's poisoning skips Minions, Outsiders and Travellers. Thanks to this, the No Dashii does not have to be your immediate neighbour in order to poison you.
  • In rare circumstances, the No Dashii's nearest townsfolk may change - this would be thanks to characters like the Barber or the Pit-Hag. When this happens, the new nearest Townsfolk will become poisoned from that point on. For example - the Demon is sitting next to a Flowergirl, and next to them is a Savant. The Flowergirl is therefore poisoned. That night, the Pit-Hag turns the Flowergirl into the Klutz. As the Klutz is an Outsider, the new nearest Townsfolk is the Savant, who becomes poisoned from this point onward. Another example - the nearest character to the Demon is their Minion, a Witch, who the Demon swaps with the Snake Charmer. As the new (evil) Snake Charmer is now the closest Townsfolk to the Demon, they are poisoned and the Mathematician is now sober.
  • There are a few sources of misinformation in Sects & Violets, but if you are a Townsfolk and suspect that your information is being interfered with, a good start is to look hard at your neighbours and see if any of them are suspicious. If the No Dashii is the culprit, they'll have to be close to you.
  • Depending on the game size, figuring out that a No Dashii is in play as opposed to, say, a Vigormortis, can often be fairly simple. If most of the good player's information is making sense, there is probably no No Dashii in play. However, if a lot of the good team's information is not making sense, you may be facing either a No Dashii or a Vortox. Figuring out whether ALL information is bogus, or just that MOST information is bogus, can make the difference between winning, and losing so bad that people bring it up at parties unrelated for years to come!
  • Come up with a cool and interesting strategy we haven't thought of, and post it on this wiki!

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"By the sins of Arnoch, I feel thy laden stench. By the curs-ed sun and her foul legion of tiny grinning gods, I corrupt thee. By the blessed night and the hidden depths of the horrid and unholy sea, I end thy squalid life upon this plane."

Appears in

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Type Demon
Artist Aiden Roberts