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If your group has five or six players, you can play practically endless variations of Clocktower by playing Teensyville games. The village of Teensyville lies just a few days’ walk from Ravenswood Bluff, and is perfect for player counts that are smaller than normal.

Each Teensyville script contains a different collection of characters. You can use the Script Tool to create them. All Teensyville scripts cater to five or six players by including only a few possible characters on the character sheet: six Townsfolk, two Outsiders, two Minions, and one Demon.

New players will have an easier time knowing which characters are in play because there are fewer to learn. Veteran players will be able to strategize more because Teensyville games can include characters from any edition.

Creating Teensyville scripts is a great way for you to take your Storytelling skills to the next level. Getting creative and discovering which characters combine in interesting ways allows you and your group to spice things up, especially after playing your billionth game of five-player Trouble Brewing.

If you want to run Teensyville games but would prefer to use pre-made Teensyville character sheets, some of our favorite Teensyville scripts can be downloaded from Each printout comes with its own night sheet for that script, ensuring your Teensyville games will run smoothly.