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Icon golem.png Information

Type Outsider
Artist Anica Kelsen

"Golem help? Golem smash! Golem help."

Character Showcase


"You may only nominate once per game. When you do, if the nominee is not the Demon, they die."

The Golem kills the player they nominate.

  • When the Golem nominates a player, that player immediately dies. The nomination process continues.
  • If the Golem nominates the Demon, nothing happens. The Storyteller doesn’t confirm or deny that the Golem nominated, and continues with the voting process as normal. The Storyteller may say “nothing happens” if clarity is asked for.
  • After the Golem has nominated once, whether or not the nominee dies, the Golem may not nominate again this game. It is the player’s responsibility to refrain from nominating, not the Storyteller’s. Deliberately nominating when they shouldn’t is considered cheating.

How to Run

If the Golem nominates a non-Demon, that player dies, then the vote continues as normal. Mark the Golem with the MAY NOT NOMINATE reminder.

If the Golem nominates the Demon, the vote continues as normal. (Do not say why.) Mark the Golem with the MAY NOT NOMINATE reminder.

If the Golem accidentally nominates when they shouldn’t, you can either accept or not accept the nomination. It is best to not accept the nomination—as long as you think that this won’t confirm that a Golem is in play. To keep things fair, also do this for players bluffing as the Golem, reminding them that the Golem cannot nominate more that once.


The Golem nominates the Poppy Grower. The Poppy Grower dies. The Golem may not nominate again this game.

The Golem nominates the Recluse. The Recluse registers as the Demon. Nothing happens, and the Storyteller begins counting votes for the Recluse to be executed. The Golem may not nominate again this game.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you want to prove that you are the Golem, nominate a player that you know is not the Demon. That player will die, and the good team now has faith that you are the Golem. This strategy has comes with a significant drawback though - the loss of the nominating power of two good players. Before nominating this way, ask yourself "Is it worth it?"
  • If you want to find out whether a player is the Demon or not, nominate them. If they don't die, you will know that they are the Demon. You may have a difficult time convincing the good team that you are the Golem, because your nomination will be indistinguishable from the nomination of an evil player, but YOU will know the truth. That is significant.
  • If you want to remove a Minion from the game, wait patiently and only nominate when you think you have found out who a Minion is. Minions can still die from your ability, and this can be extraordinarily helpful. Unlike other Outsiders, the Golem's ability can be used entirely to help the good team.
  • If you have nominated already, pay attention to how many players are still alive. Also keep in mind how many evil players may still be alive. If the game gets to the point where only three players are alive, including you, and both the other players are evil, the good team won't be able to win because there is nobody able to nominate the Demon. Similarly, if there are four players alive, including you, and the only other good player nominates a non-Demon player, the good team will not be able to win. It isn't very detrimental to not be able to nominate early in the game, but it can be a significant hinderance on the final day.
  • If you can, save your ability for the final day. If there are only two other players alive, you have a fifty percent chance of picking the Demon, and learning who the Demon is. If you accidentally choose a non-Demon player and lose the game, at least the game was lost due to a good player acting with a fifty percent chance of winning, and not an evil team outvoting the good team. A good player deciding the fate of the game, is generally better than leaving things to a democratic vote.
  • Consider not nominating at all. Whilst this is less fun (boo!), sometimes it is best to keep players alive (yay!).

Bluffing as the Golem

When bluffing as the Golem, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Bluffing as the Golem is tricky. Most of the time, a real Golem will cause a death when they nominate. You will need to have a ready-made excuse as to why the player you nominated didn't die. Either you are drunk or poisoned (unlikely) or the player you chose is the Demon (also unlikely).
  • Nominate players that are extremely suspicious, and look like the Demon.
  • If you are a Minion, nominate earlier in the game, and expect to die as a result. When you nominate a player and they don't die, it is likely that the good team will kill both you and the player you nominated, and the Demon will kill two players over those two resulting nights. Killing four players is a useful way to get to the final day, but you will need to sacrifice yourself to do it.
  • If you are the Demon, wait until late in the game to nominate a player. With fewer players alive, the chance of you seemingly nominating the real Demon is increased, and the good team is more likely to believe that you are the Golem, and not execute you. Even if you can convince the good team to execute the nominated player and execute you tomorrow, you may be able to make sure that tomorrow never comes if you are a Demon that kills multiple times at night, like the Shabaloth, Po or Al-Hadikhia.