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The Fibbin adds misinformation to a game that has no possibility of misinformation. (For Script games only)

Character Text

"Once per game, 1 good player might get incorrect information. "

Example Gameplay

On the first night, all players get correct information. On the second night, the Empath learns they are neighbouring one evil player, but both their neighbours are actually good. For the rest of the game, all good players get correct information.

The Virgin is nominated by a Townsfolk. This Townsfolk is executed immediately because the Fibbin cannot make an ability malfunction. Later, the Monk protects a player. Again, the Monk's ability cannot fail due to the Fibbin ability. Later, the Ravenkeeper dies at night and gets false information, because information from an ability can be affected by the Fibbin ability.


If you create a game using the Script online character list creator, and it has no characters that cause drunkenness, poisoning or other way for information to be false, then you may want to add the Fibbin. Whilst it is not necessary, even a minor possibility of a good player's information being incorrect can drastically help the evil players bluff successfully.

The Fibbin can't make a character power fail in the way that drunkenness and poisoning do. It can only affect character abilities that gain information due to you signalling to them during the night, or telling them something verbally.

If the game ends before you have given a good player false information, that's ok.

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Tee. Hee. Hee."

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Type Fabled