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The Duchess adds information to a game that has little information for the good players to go on. (For Script games only)

Character Text

"Each day, 3 players may choose to visit you. At night*, each visitor learns how many visitors are evil, but 1 gets false info."

Example Gameplay

The Soldier, Pacifist, and Sage visit the Duchess. The Soldier and Pacifist learn a "0.” The Sage learns a "1.”

The Mutant, Butler, and Po visit the Duchess. The Mutant learns a "1,” the Butler learns a "2," and the Po learns a "1.”

The Mastermind, Imp, and Minstrel visit the Duchess. The Mastermind learns a "2,” the Imp learns a "1," and the Minstrel learns a "2.”


Sometimes, you may want to create a character list using the Script tool that has hardly any good characters that gain information directly. Whilst having an abundance of power and a lack of information can be fun for some players, others like something more. The Duchess adds regular information to such a game.

It is the responsibility of the players to decide among themselves which players will be the 3 players to visit. If exactly 3 visitors can not be decided upon, then the Duchess does not act tonight.

Each player that visits the Duchess learns how many visitors are evil, including themselves. However, 1 visitor will definitely get false information - it is your choice whom. Players that visit the Duchess still get to use their character ability normally. The Duchess does not make their character ability give false information.

Duchess Token.png
“We shall entertain between the hours of 6 and 7 precisely. Tea at 6:15. Scones at 6:45. Do not be late. Formal wear applies, as always."

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Type Fabled