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The Undertaker learns which character was executed today.

Character Text

"Each night, you learn a character that died by execution today."

Example Gameplay

The Mayor is executed today. That night, the Undertaker is shown the Mayor token.

The Drunk, who thinks they are the Virgin, is executed today. Even though the player has a Virgin token in the Grimoire, the Undertaker learns that the dead player is the Drunk.

The Spy is executed. Two Travellers are exiled. Tonight, the Undertaker learns that a Butler died by execution today - because the Spy has registered as the Butler, and the exiles do not count as executions.

Nobody was executed today. Tonight, the Undertaker does not wake.

Tips & Tricks

  • The more players that are executed, the more information you get! It's to your benefit to facilitate as many executions as you can. The good team's main method for killing evil players is execution - they are far less likely to die at night, so every execution is a chance to hit the Demon. And if you don't get the Demon, you'll at least arrive on the final day knowing a lot more than you would otherwise.
  • You do not learn the identity of Travellers; they are exiled, not executed. The only exception to this is the Scapegoat, since they are explicitly executed by their character ability. However, you do not learn their alignment, only their character.
  • Executing someone when you don't know their identity can lend credence to your claim as the Undertaker. Similarly, executing someone who has come out and is claiming a particular character allows you to confirm their story, as you will learn what character they are. Both are great ways to build trust with your fellow good team members.
  • Good candidates for early executions are characters like the Washerwoman and the Librarian, as confirming their identity allows you to also confirm other good players.
  • Executing a character like the Fortune Teller may mean they don't get any more information, but you can confirm them and everything they've said up until that point (before they are targeted by the Demon and can no longer be confirmed!).
  • Coming out early opens you up to risks of death or poisoning. Waiting to reveal your information until a critical moment can maximise the amount of information you receive. Make sure to come out before the end of the game!
  • Coming out as soon as possible is a good choice if you've learned something critical. For example, you may have learned that someone is in fact evil.
  • If you are shown that the executed player was the Imp, it is very likely that a Scarlet Woman just took over as the Demon!
  • If an executed player is the Drunk, you will see the Drunk character token, not the Townsfolk they thought they were.
  • A player who dies because of the Virgin is considered executed and will react to your ability, so you will learn who they are that night.
  • Beware the Spy and the Recluse! They will likely register to you as good and evil characters respectively, as their abilities continue to function even when they are dead.

Bluffing as the Undertaker

When bluffing as the Undertaker, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • A good Undertaker may very well wait a few days before revealing that they are the Undertaker. Feel free to stay quiet for a few days before you tell people that you are the Undertaker, or even claim to be a different character for a few days, and have the Undertaker bluff as a backup.
  • You can make yourself look good by confirming that good players are who they say they are. You will need to find out who they are beforehand though, for this strategy to be successful. If you are the Spy, or have access to a Spy, then you can be more convincing in this due to your complete knowledge of everybody's characters.
  • You can make key players look evil by claiming that they are Minions, or even the Demon, if they are executed. This is risky, as the player in question will know that you are evil, but potentially game winning, as the rest of the group won't know that you are lying. Since most of the time more good players will be getting executed than evil players, use this technique sparingly.
  • If another Evil player dies by execution, you can safely claim that they are either a good or evil character. If you claim that they are a good character, both of you confirm each other's stories, so you both look more trustworthy. If you claim that they are an evil character, they should (hopefully) act a little more evil, and publicly imply that they are in fact evil... because that makes you appear like the real Undertaker.
  • A good way to undermine an executed Townsfolk character is to claim you saw the Drunk token for them instead. If the group believes you (and especially if the executed player believes you), then the group will assume any information they have received to be false. If you don't know which character a player is, claiming that they are the Drunk is a good way to hide the fact that you have no idea who they are!

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