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Running Things Smoothly

You can end the game when victory is certain for one team. If all remaining players are evil, then good cannot nominate the Demon, so you can declare that evil wins.

Almost every time there are four players left alive, and the good players execute a non-Demon player, you can end the game there. If you were to continue the game after this execution, with just three players alive, then the Demon would kill one of those players at night, ending the game. There is little point in going through this process, as evil already knows they have won. However, if a Monk or a Soldier is still alive, then the Demon may not end up killing a player that night, leading to another day of executions after all.

Use your best judgment when declaring a game over in this way. If there is any way for the losing team to win—however unlikely it is—then keep the game going.

During the night, confirm players’ choices with a downward finger point.

Sometimes, players will point at another player very quickly, or will point from an angle that makes it hard for you to determine which player they want to choose. Instead of guessing their intentions, walk to the player you think they chose and point to them as well, pointing vertically and downwards while your hand is above them. This makes it very clear to the choosing player that you want to confirm their choice. The choosing player nods to you. You nod to the choosing player. You both understand exactly which player is the target.

This practice, or whatever works for you, is a good habit to get into, as it avoids easy misunderstandings.

Moving around unnecessarily at night can put crafty players off your scent.

If you always walk to the same part of the circle the first thing each night, and your shoes make noise, then players may be understandably suspicious that the Demon is sitting in that area. If you walk to different areas of the circle at random intervals, any noise you make will not give away what is really happening.

Moving around tokens in the Grimoire is something you may need to do when good players use their abilities, such as the Slayer or the Juggler. When evil players bluff as these characters, pretend to move tokens around the Grimoire in the same manner. Veteran players will not be able to tell by looking at your hand motions whether the player in question is bluffing or not.