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The Spy might appear to be a good character, but is actually evil. They also see the Grimoire, so they know the characters (and status) of all players.

Character Text

"Each night, you see the Grimoire. You might register as good & as a Townsfolk or Outsider, even if dead."

Example Gameplay

The Washerwoman learns that either Abdallah or Douglas is the Ravenkeeper. Abdallah is the Monk and Douglas is the Spy, who has registered as the Ravenkeeper.

The Spy is sitting next to the Imp and the Empath. The Chef learns a "1" because the Spy is registering as evil. Later that night, the Empath learns a "0", because the Spy is now registering as good.

The Spy nominates the Virgin, and is executed as a result, because the Storyteller chose that the Spy registers as a Townsfolk. That night, the Undertaker learns that the Drunk died today, because the Spy is now registering as an Outsider: The Drunk.

Tips & Tricks

  • Providing your memory is good, you start the game knowing everything! All characters in play and who they are will be laid out in the Grimoire. Use this information to help the evil team pick good bluffs and take out high priority targets.
  • In the Grimoire, you will not only see who everyone is, but the Storyteller reminder tokens. These will allow you to identify who is a Drunk, who your Poisoner targeted, who the Fortune Teller red herring is, who the Demon killed, and who the Washerwoman/Librarian is getting their read on. Remember that you may register as good for a Washerwoman or Librarian; if you see this in the Grimoire, you can lean into that bluff early on.
  • Choosing a good bluff for yourself is easy, because you know all characters that are not in play.
  • You also have access to information that is hard to guess or obtain as an evil player, like player's characters. This makes you an especially potent Washerwoman, Undertaker or Ravenkeeper, since all of these characters learn that sort of information. You can gain the trust of good players by being able to name their character, especially if they haven't revealed yet, or if they are bluffing as something else.
  • Bluffing as the Librarian or the Investigator and selecting powerful characters (like the Empath, Ravenkeeper or Mayor) to mark as the Drunk or as an evil Minion will let you undermine these players. As the Spy, you can do this before they come out, which lends credibility to your claim compared to other evil players doing the same type of bluff.
  • You can provide support to your Demon and other Minions (like the Poisoner) by secretly giving them powerful characters to target early on, neutralising them before they pose a serious threat for the evil team. In general, you are going to want to have a lot of secret conversations with fellow evil players to communicate the information that you have; prepare a solid alibi to explain why you were whispering.
  • You will nearly always register as a good player to characters like the Empath, Chef, and Undertaker. Thanks to this, you will be able to gain the trust of good players much more easily than the other evil characters. This also makes you a great candidate to become the Demon in the later game. Encourage the Imp to pass on their Demonhood to you once you are well established!
  • You are the only evil player that can activate the Virgin ability. Players who die this way are usually the most trusted characters in the game. Deliberately giving false information and then sacrificing yourself on a Virgin can give you a platform to confuse and mislead the good team. Similarly if you know an Undertaker is in play, you can allow yourself to be executed, so when you register as good to them, they will trust you and your information. This can also be a great way to undermine an undesirable execution (for example, your Demon) - you will die and your execution will take priority over the existing vote.
  • The Spy is particularly effective for bluffs that require more than one player. For example, you can claim to be the Washerwoman, Librarian or Ravenkeeper and back up your Demon's character claim. (You should probably let your Demon know you're going to do this!)
  • You will often register as good, which is great if you are sitting near an Empath, or if a Chef is in play. This will help you with your goal of infiltrating the good team and getting them to trust you.
  • Make sure the Storyteller knows what you are claiming to be - this will enable them to back up your bluff to other players. For example, if you are bluffing as the Butler and you are executed, the Storyteller will know to show the Undertaker the Butler token.
  • You don't need to memorise the Grimoire all on the first night. Since you see it every night, memorise a few characters each night.

Fighting the Spy

  • Detecting the Spy is the first step in fighting the Spy. For example, the Demon kills may be a little bit too efficient. If your Fortune Teller and Slayer swiftly drop dead while your Ravenkeeper and Soldier are unscathed, that is a sign that the Demon knows more than they should.
  • If you suspect a Spy, you should assume that the evil team knows everything, which means it is now in the good team's best interest to share everything they have. This will allow you to coordinate more efficiently, while also catching out evil players who didn't have their bluff totally prepared.
  • Pay attention to players who spend a lot of time whispering together, particularly on the first day; while this is not always a Spy and their Demon, they often have more to talk about than the average pair of players.
  • If you are a Virgin, Undertaker or Ravenkeeper, be wary of players who seem too eager to die and prove who they are. Because the Spy can register as good, this might be their attempt to weasel their way into your good graces.
  • The Spy is particularly good at bluffing as characters like the Washerwoman or the Ravenkeeper, as these characters detect information that is not usually available to the evil team until those players come out. If you suspect a Spy, keep a close eye on anyone claiming to be these roles.
  • Characters who detect alignment, like the Empath or the Chef may get information that doesn't seem to add up. This can sometimes be an indication that the Spy is causing the numbers to be off by registering as good.
  • An Undertaker or Ravenkeeper can learn that a player is in fact the Spy. This is usually a lie by the Storyteller and should regarded with suspicion.
  • The Imp is more likely to kill themselves and pass their Demonhood on if a Spy is in play due to the Spy's ability to integrate themselves into the town. Be wary of any deaths at night that do not make sense.

Amazing Spy Stories


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"Wisdom begets peace. Patience begets wisdom. Fear not, for the time shall come when fear too shall pass. Let us pray, and may the unity of our vision make Saints of us all."

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