General Strategy

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This is a page covering general strategies for good and evil players.

This is a guide and not gospel. Follow your heart!

I'm good, now what?

  • Your single most powerful tool you have is your voice. Your character ability can give you information, but in order to get the other players to believe and utilise that information, you will need to use your voice effectively. Talk to as many players as you can - learn who they are and combine their information with your own. Be helpful. Be pro-active. Even if you have no information, telling the group what you think can provide them with information and gives you influence. If you are nominated, defend yourself. If you believe someone is evil, campaign for their execution.
  • Use your dead vote wisely. Once you are dead, you only get one vote for the rest of the game. This is extraordinarily valuable and should be used at a time when it makes the most difference. Usually, that means saving your vote until the final day, when many other dead players are voting too -.since the dead players outnumber the living players, it will be the dead that decide the fate of the game. If you throw your dead vote away frivolously in the early stages of the game, you are denying yourself that power at the end.
  • Share whatever information you have. If you are the Empath, tell the group how many of your neighbors are evil. If you are the Washerwoman, talk to the player(s) you believe to be the Townsfolk you learned. Share your information publicly - by telling the whole group what you know, or share your information privately - with one or two players that you trust. Either way, if you are sharing information, and they are sharing information, then you can put the pieces of the puzzle together in time. Even if you are not a character that learns information of a night time, you still have some type of information. For example, the Slayer, if they slay the wrong player, knows at least that that player is NOT the Demon. The Virgin, if nominated, learns something about the identity of the nominating player. The Monk, can learn who the Demon attacked, if no players died tonight. Even the [[Butler}} learns something about the number of Outsiders in the game, or the inclinations of their master.
  • Tell the truth at some stage. While you do not have to reveal your character to the group straight away, you should reveal who you are, truthfully, before the final nominations occur. Some characters can benefit by hiding for a few days so as to collection information, but on the whole, the more good players that truthfully say who they are, the more information the good team has to collaborate and co-oordinate with. Even if you reveal which character you are, and you die because of it, you are still in the game, and your opinion may be even more respected.
  • If you are a character that takes a few nights to collate their information, or becomes more powerful as the game develops, it can be very helpful to bluff as a character that the Demon does not want to kill. For example, if you are the Undertaker, Fortune Teller, Empath or Slayer, you can bluff as the Ravenkeeper, Soldier, or even the Saint. This way, the good team will want to keep you alive, and the Demon will be afraid to kill you, allowing you to survive and gradually become more and more powerful. You will need to reveal your true identity to the group at some stage though...
  • Conversely, if you are a character that benefits from being attacked by the Demon, then bluff as a character that the Demon would want to attack. If you are the Ravenkeeper, Soldier, or other characters of that ilk, bluffing as the Fortune Teller, Undertaker, Slayer or even Virgin can temp the Demon into choosing you of a night time. The Ravenkeeper benefits enormously by gaining information, whilst the Soldier prevents a good player from dying. This strategy is also useful if the Monk is protecting you, or even if you are a character that has already used their ability or is a better choice for the Demon to kill. For example, if you are a Chef that has already gained their information, a Recluse or a Saint that is not being believed to be an Outsider, or even a Librarian, you can trick the Demon into killing you of a night, thus keeping the Townsfolk that are more powerful in the later game alive.

  • Trust one or two players
  • Be helpful to the group
  • Engage the dead players
  • Prove who you are
  • Find out "what you job is"
  • Stay alive
  • Die early if people think you are evil
  • Keep players that you trust alive
  • Play the logic, not the bodylanguage
  • Use your intuition if confused
  • Who is not the Demon is just as important as who is the Demon
  • Work 'dem Outsiders. Confirm which of them are in fact Outsiders.
  • Outsider tips - prove you are an Outsider.
  • Outsider tips - overcome your disability
  • Townsfolk tips - use your ability to the best you can
  • How to handle double-ups
  • Work as a team - you can rarely win by yourself
  • Kill with grace, die with dignity
  • Listen
  • Be proactive - get other player's to use their abilities on you
  • Talk to players in secret
  • Once you reveal you are a powerful "every night" Townsfolk, you are ripe for poisoning.
  • If you are Outsider, don't say squat until the final day

I'm evil, now what?

  • Kill with grace and die with dignity. People trust nice players.
  • Get comfortable lying while you're good so that you're prepared for when you are evil.
  • Be proactive - talk to other players, gain their trust, and use their abilities on you.
  • Gain trust in secret, but communicate with the group.
  • The game ends if the Demon dies.
  • Lie about who you are. Never admit you are evil.
  • Lie! Lie about everything! All the time!
  • Tell the truth - it makes you look awesome!
  • Be helpful to the group, so that you can backstab them later.
  • Undermine other players and their claims.
  • Support the claims of other evil players.
  • Stay alive!
  • Keep evil players alive.
  • Spread as much misinformation as you can.
  • Your goal is to manipulate - you don't have to poison a good player to undermine their ability. For example, getting the trust of a Fortune Teller and directing them to pick anyone but your demon? Pretty sweet. Alternatively, get a Slayer to trust you, and then help them decide which OTHER player they'd like to use their ability on!
  • Be someone undecided. The good team will waste a lot of time trying to convince you of things.

Minion Tips

  • Never vote for your demon (unless you're certain there's a backup plan).
  • It is okay to die:
    • If you die, your demon has not died; better you than them.
    • If you die on the final day, you win the game for your team!
  • Double up with an existing good player to undermine them and make you both look evil.
  • If you are in any way uncertain about how the character that you are bluffing as works - ask the Storyteller!