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* Stay alive
* Stay alive
* Die early if people think you are evil
* Keep players that you trust alive
* Keep players that you trust alive

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This is a page covering general strategies for good and evil players.

This is a guide and not gospel. Follow your heart!

I'm good, now what?

  • Your single most powerful tool in this game is your voice.
  • Use your dead vote wisely
  • Share information
  • Tell the truth at some stage
  • Buff to get killed / avoid getting killed
  • Trust one or two players
  • Be helpful to the group
  • Engage the dead players
  • Prove who you are
  • Find out "what you job is"
  • Stay alive
  • Die early if people think you are evil
  • Keep players that you trust alive
  • Play the logic, not the bodylanguage
  • Use your intuition if confused
  • Who is not the Demon is just as important as who is the Demon
  • Work 'dem Outsiders. Confirm which of them are in fact Outsiders.
  • Outsider tips - prove you are an Outsider.
  • Outsider tips - overcome your disability
  • Townsfolk tips - use your ability to the best you can
  • How to handle double-ups
  • Work as a team - you can rarely win by yourself
  • Kill with grace, die with dignity
  • Listen
  • Be proactive - get other player's to use their abilities on you
  • Talk to players in secret

I'm evil, now what?

  • Kill with grace and die with dignity. People trust nice players.
  • Get comfortable lying while you're good so that you're prepared for when you are evil.
  • Be proactive - talk to other players, gain their trust, and use their abilities on you.
  • Gain trust in secret, but communicate with the group.
  • The game ends if the Demon dies.
  • Lie about who you are. Never admit you are evil.
  • Lie! Lie about everything! All the time!
  • Be helpful to the group, so that you can backstab them later.
  • Undermine other players and their claims.
  • Support the claims of other evil players.
  • Stay alive!
  • Keep evil players alive.
  • Spread as much misinformation as you can.
  • Your goal is to manipulate - you don't have to poison a good player to undermine their ability. For example, getting the trust of a Fortune Teller and directing them to pick anyone but your demon? Pretty sweet. Alternatively, get a Slayer to trust you, and then help them decide which OTHER player they'd like to use their ability on!

Minion Tips

  • Never vote for your demon (unless you're certain there's a backup plan).
  • It is okay to die:
    • If you die, your demon has not died; better you than them.
    • If you die on the final day, you win the game for your team!
  • Double up with an existing good player to undermine them and make you both look evil.