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Fabled characters are for the Storyteller. They each alter the conditions of the game somewhat and are usually included at the beginning of the game.

The purpose of a Fabled character is to allow players to join in a game of Clocktower when they would otherwise not be able to, or to allow a game to run smoothly when there would otherwise be a real-world issue. Fabled characters fix problems that are outside the usual game parameters.

For example, if a player has a mental disability that would normally mean that they are unable to understand the game rules or communicate with the group, a Fabled character can allow them to join in. If a player is new to the game, and fearful that they will die early, a Fabled character can protect them. If there are too many players wanting to play all at once, a Fabled character can make the game run more quickly. If one of the group is shy or softly spoken, and has trouble getting the groups attention, a Fabled character can give them the powers to do so. If the game needs to end unexpectedly early, a Fabled character can decide a winner. If you have made your own character list using the Script character list generator, a Fabled character can help it be more fun.

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