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This is a FAQ to answer questions or interactions that are funky.

Clashes with Roles

What happens to Fool if they were to be executed but there is a Pacifist in the game and/or they are adjacent to a Tea Lady who is also adjacent to another Good Player?

  • The Fool's ability isn't spent until the Tea Lady and/or the Pacifist ability is unable to work or they are dead. Which would means the Fool's ability would activate at that point.

What happens the Demon dies, but there is a Mastermind in play and both Evil Twin and their Good Twin are alive?

  • This best explanation is this on what happens the following day: If the Good Twin dies, then Evil wins. If a Good player that is not the Good Twin dies, then Evil wins. If the Evil Twin dies, Good wins. If an evil player that is not the Evil Twin dies, the game goes on until a Twin is executed. If no one executed, the game goes on until a Twin is executed.

Would Gambler be affected by the Vortox?

  • Well no. Gambler's ability is like "taking a chance" kind of role. Yes, they die if they incorrectly but being alive or dead doesn't necessarily mean they died to their ability (like a Demon could have killed them or they were poisoned so they can't die from their actions). All in all, Gambler doesn't necessarily get information. So, they don't have to worry about Vortox.

Would Gossip be affected by the Vortox?

  • Similar to Gambler-Vortox question, Gossip is not affected by Vortox. They are not necessarily gaining information. Similar to the Gambler-Vortox question, they could be poisoned and are unable to kill. Additionally, multiple deaths does not always yield in a Gossip statement being true as there are ways in which characters abilities might have cause it.

More explanation

What does the number mean for Mathematician?

  • It means the number of roles not acting as they are supposed to. So, a poisoned Exorcist targeting a non-Demon would not register to Mathematician, while an Empath getting a 1 or 2 while next to Good players would.