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There are four main character 'types' in Blood on the Clocktower. These define the starting alignment of the player, and the player's ability set. In addition to this exist Travellers: player characters with varying alignments but powerful abilities, and Fabled, Storyteller characters that tweak or adjust the gameplay of a game.


Icon ravenkeeper.png

The Ravenkeeper is a very powerful Townsfolk.

A Townsfolk is a good character with an ability that benefits the good team. They are the most common character in a typical game, and have a large variety of abilities from gathering information to protecting other players from the demon.


An Outsider is a good character with an ability that hinders the good team. Their presence varies based on the player count of a game. Their abilities include things such as falsely registering as evil, mistakenly believing they are a townsfolk, or even losing the game for their entire team if they are executed.

Icon drunk.png

The Drunk is a popular and devastating Outsider.


Icon spy.png

The Spy is a devious and cunning Minion.

A Minion is an evil character with an ability that hinders the good team. They act as support for their demon, undermining the efforts of the town through deceit and trickery. Their abilities include things that cause abilities to malfunction, save the demon from death, and force the good team to work against their best interests.


The Demon is an evil character with the ability to kill. They are the primary cause of discord in the town, and the ultimate target the good team must defeat. In addition to their ability to kill each night, the demon has extra protections, such as being able to jump to the body of a different evil player, turn their victims to their side, or even twist the very fabric of reality so that all information received is false.

Icon imp.png

The Imp is the original and most cheeky of demons.


Icon apprentice.png

The Apprentice is a versatile Traveller.

A Traveller is a player character that can enter or exit a game at any point. Their identity and ability are known to all players, but their alignment may be either good or evil (which is decided by the Storyteller upon their entry to the game). Their abilities vary wildly but are nearly always exceptionally powerful and can significantly change the outcome of a game.

Unlike standard players, Travellers exist under some special circumstances.

  • They may be 'exiled' at any time, instead of executed. This enables Travellers to be removed from the town for free without wasting an execution on them.
  • They do not count as players for the evil win condition - when a Traveller and two regular players are alive, evil has won.
  • If they are evil, they learn who the Demon is; they do not learn any additional evil characters or receive any bluffs.


A Fabled character, also known as a 'Storyteller character', is a character that the Storyteller assumes to alter the game rules. This is not a character that exists in play, only as a modifier for the game itself. Introducing a Fabled character can either correct for a problem (e.g. The game is heavily skewed in favor of one team), or to introduce variance into a situation that doesn't have one (e.g. Confusing the outsider count to help with bluffs).

  • Only the Storyteller may be this character. No player will ever be a Fabled character.
  • The Storyteller may have multiple Fabled in play at any time.
  • Some Fabled can be introduced mid-game as the Storyteller sees fit.
  • Some Fabled can be added and removed at any time, others may be in play for the entire game.
Icon fiddler.png

The Fiddler is a Fabled for those games that need to end early, or the very rare case of a stalemate.