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The Butler may only vote when their Master (another player) votes.

Character Text

"Each night, choose a player (not yourself): tomorrow, you may only vote when they vote."

Example Gameplay

The Butler wakes and chooses Filip to be their Master. Tomorrow, if Filip raises his hand to vote on an execution, then the Butler may too. If not, then the Butler may not raise their hand.

A nomination is in progress. The Butler and their Master both have their hands raised to vote. As the Storyteller is counting votes, the Master lowers their hand at the last second. The Butler must lower their hand immediately.

The Butler is dead. They may freely use their dead vote at any time they choose, because dead players have no ability.

Tips & Tricks

  • The player who you choose as your "Master" is very important. Your vote still counts as much as a normal vote, it is just that you will not be able to vote at all if your Master has their hand down. So, spend a good deal of time listening, and being involved in figuring out which players are good. If your Master is evil, you will only be voting at times when it is unhelpful to you. If your Master is good, then you may be voting at times when it can actually be helpful. Find a good Master, and stick with them.
  • If you tell your Master that you have selected them, they will often vote under the assumption that you will be voting with them. Observing how your Master wants you to vote can give you some hints as to whether your Master is good or evil. An evil Master may encourage you to vote for players that seem trustworthy.
  • Even though you may not vote unless your Master has their hand up to vote too, you do not have to vote just because they do. Remember to only vote for players you truly believe are evil, or otherwise deserve it!
  • The player you choose as your Master will usually trust you, and want to keep you alive. After all, you are in their power! It is in their best interest to help you survive, so building up that trust may come in handy if anybody nominates you for execution.
  • You can choose a dead player as your Master, but do this carefully - as dead players only have one remaining vote, they may not use it for a while, meaning that you might not be able to vote at all.

Bluffing as the Butler

When bluffing as the Butler, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Nobody suspects the Butler! It's silly, but it's true; since you don't seem like much of a threat and it is easy for you to associate yourself with good players, the Butler is a great bluff for good and evil players alike.
  • You don't have to stick to a single Master, but choosing one player repeatedly will help you build trust with that individual more easily.
  • Giving your vote to a good player is a great way to get them to trust you in the absence of other evidence. People like it when you trust them, and the act of making someone your Master is a great way of building trust. Alternatively, you can tie your vote to a fellow evil player, giving you a great reason to be talking to that player and trusting them... and if they get found out, you look like you were tricked!
  • You can actually vote freely, but nobody else will know that. Players who think they are your Master tend to view your vote as a bonus to their own, rather than you operating independently of them. You can take advantage of this expectation to make the good team think they have greater numbers than they actually do, and catch them off guard with a betrayal vote at the perfect moment.
  • If you really need to vote but have aligned yourself with a persnickety Master, you can just "vote" with another Master and claim that you swapped Masters secretly. Beware - This may upset your original Master!
  • You can coerce your Master into voting for the player(s) you want them to vote for, by threatening to choose a different Master if they don't let you vote for the players you want to vote for.

Amazing Butler Stories

The Butler did it.

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"Yes, sir...

No, sir...

Certainly, sir."

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