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The Bureaucrat gives extra votes to a player of their choice.

Character Text

Each dusk, choose a player (not yourself): their vote counts as 3 votes tomorrow.

Example Gameplay

The Bureaucrat selects Evin. Tomorrow, when the first vote is being tallied, the Storyteller counts "1... 2... 3... 4-5-6... 7". The nominated player now has 7 votes for their execution, and the nomination process continues.

The Bureaucrat selects Filip. Tomorrow, Filip has a triple vote, which he uses 3 times. The next night, the Bureaucrat selects a dead player - Douglas. Tomorrow, Douglas must use his vote token to vote, but if he does, his vote counts triple.

Tips & Tricks (if you are good)

Choose evil players…. Mostly

Choose good players until the perfect moment

Choose evil on the final day

Choose dead evil players, if you can justify it

Tips & Tricks (if you are evil)

Choose living players (not the butler)

Find someone that you trust / is confirmed

Watch how they vote

Ask the town to help you choose

Be super careful on final night… maybe get exiled

Tell the group who you picked

Lie about who you picked and watch the behavior of the bogus player

Double up with the Thief

Amazing Bureaucrat Stories

Bureaucrat Token.png
"Sign here please. And here. And here. Aaaaaaaaand here. This should all be sorted and tallied by the end of the day, assuming everyone's signatures are legible. We haven't had a mix-up in the paperwork for ages. Yesterday noon, if memory serves..."

Appears in

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Type Traveler