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The following guide is to explain the various states that a player may be in during a typical Blood on the Clocktower game.


Drunkenness & Poisoning are the same thing, and appear in almost every edition. Whether a character is drunk or poisoned makes no difference - the effect is the same. Only the word used to describe what is happening is different.

A drunk or poisoned character does not have their ability, but they think that they do - they still wake at night to use their ability or gain their information, but that information might be wrong. Both alive and dead players may be drunk or poisoned.

Their absent ability may not affect the game in any tangible way. A drunk Poisoner may not poison people, a poisoned Demon may not kill people, a drunk Virgin can not cause an execution due to their ability, etc.


Madness is a game mechanic that is introduced in the Sects & Violets edition. Madness is fairly rare, with only about a dozen characters that cause it in total over the many editions. The definition of Madness is that "the player is trying to convince the group of something".

A mad player must play out their madness to the best of their ability, or face a consequence. The consequence depends entirely on which character caused the madness. For example, the Cerenovus will cause a player to be executed.


Death is not the end in Blood on the Clocktower, but it still carries some harsh penalties.

A dead player loses their ability and right to nominate. They also have only one vote left for the remainder of the game, represented by their vote token.

A dead player's ability ceases to affect the game at the moment of their death. For example, when a Monk dies, the player they have chosen becomes unprotected once more.


This is a special condition for Traveller players. It is very similar to death, but an exile may be invoked by any player in the game at any time.

An exiled player is considered dead for the purposes of gameplay and voting.

Poisoner Token.png

The Poisoner can inflict the 'poison' status.

Drunk Token.png

The Drunk embodies the 'drunkness' status.

Cerenovus Token.png

The Cerenovus is the primary cause of madness in Sects & Violets.