Spirit Of Ivory

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The Spirit of Ivory prevents games from containing too many evil characters. (For Script games only)

Character Text

"There can't be more than 1 extra evil player."

Example Gameplay

The Fang Gu attacks an Outsider and creates an evil player. The Devil's Advocate chooses the Goon at night. Normally, the Goon would turn evil, but the Goon remains good because there is already 1 more evil character than normal in play.


When creating character lists using the Script, it is a good idea to include no more than one character that adds evil characters. If two or more players turn evil, then the evil team can win simply by revealing who they are and winning due to their voting majority. Adding the Spirit of Ivory prevents too many players turning evil, and creates a more fun and fair game for the good players.

With a Spirit of Ivory in play, only one more player than normal can ever be evil. If a second player would become evil, they stay good instead.

The normal number of evil players is printed on the Traveller sheet, and on the Setup sheet.

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"The Wasteland calls. Bones rise to flesh, then fall to dust. The great spirit grows. The great spirit watches. The great spirit guides. The human listens, or the human is no more."

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Type Fabled