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This FAQ serves to answer some of the questions commonly asked by both players and Storytellers.

Character Interactions

If the Slayer is drunk or poisoned, can their ability be used to kill someone who isn't the Demon?

  • No. In this case, their ability simply would not work, regardless of who they select.

What happens to the Fool if they are executed while a Pacifist, Tea Lady, or other ability is preventing them from dying?

  • The Fool's ability is not activated/spent until such a time as another character is not preventing their death.

What happens if the Demon dies, but there is a Mastermind in play and both the Evil Twin and their good Twin are alive?

  • The game continues. The Mastermind ability doesn't trigger, because it only triggers if the game would end due to the Demon's death.

If I'm the Fang Gu and I attack the Lunatic and there were no Fang Gus before me, is the Lunatic informed of their character and alignment change?

  • The Lunatic's ability is that they think they are the Demon. Therefore, they are not informed of their character and alignment change.

Can the No Dashii affect the Spy if the Spy is the "nearest Townsfolk"?

  • No. If the Spy were to become poisoned then they would cease registering as a Townsfolk, thus creating a paradoxical situation.

Can Mayor deflect the Imp's kill back onto the Imp?

Yes. The Mayor's ability is that if they were to be killed, someone else might be killed instead. So it is possible that the the Imp to be killed by their own attack. That will promote one of their Minion's to Demon status.

Specific Rules

Can a drunk or poisoned character ever receive correct information?

  • Yes, however a thoughtful Storyteller should use this sparingly, in order to balance the game.

What does it mean that something "might" happen?

  • Things that "might" happen are at the discretion of the Storyteller. If you are running the game, be sure to use this power fairly and in the interest of balance and fun.

What happens if a Traveller is targeted by a non-Traveller's ability?

  • Travellers are full players in every sense and are susceptible to the abilities of other players, except when specified otherwise.